Create the Life You Are Meant to Live!
Receive Guidance From Your Personal Guides and Teachers
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About Reina

Reina is honored to be able to work with a team of 20 angels and celestial beings including Jesus.

She does private readings working with clients through their own Guides, providing them with greater communication with their guides, communication with ancestors and disincarnate loved ones,  greater attunement to their soul, guidance from the Divine Realms, healings of physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental

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Soul Purpose Session

37513962_xl_croppedReina offers Celestial Entrainment to a Greater Reality. In order to ensure maximum upliftment, Reina connects into your guides and then allows them to work through her to provide you with your next steps for your highest good.

Since the entire session is directed by your personal guides, it ensures that your issues are addressed in the most informed way as your guides are intimately familiar with your issues, challenges, spiritual path, etc.

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Divine Feminine

Red RoseThe Matriarchy of the Bees and The Divine Feminine

Immerse Yourself in the Divine Feminine & Assist in Anchoring these Energies within Yourself & Our World. You are cordially invited to a celebration and re-birthing of the Goddess in each of us. This one-day workshop reviews the current science of the profound brain-vagina connections that have been discovered

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