Part 1: Feeding the Kundalini Beast

Product 1 Avebury TreesPart 1—Feeding The Big K—The Kundalini Beast

In the beginning of the year, I felt called to read a book—The Biology of Kundalini by Jana Dixon. A number of my clients were having kundalini issues so I thought I might gain some insights—for them—altruistic soul that I am. Well, I was to discover something pivotal for me too but I didn’t realize it!

To summarize—Kundalini’s job is to make humans superconducting vehicles for the Divine. Yes, read that again—super cool, hummmm? We are meant to be superconductors! Visions of a cape, a giant S on our chests, etc. I can see it, can’t you? You always suspected!

Well, the following information changed MY life—radically—so I was mega motivated to send it on to you, dear reader! (For those of you who just want to get down to the nitty gritty—go to Part 2 of my blog—but you are missing a great story!)

The bottomline for me—I changed my diet to be mostly raw with some cooked protein and sushi, of course! Love me some raw fish! I also eat yogurt, nut butters, various meats, eggs, beans, and cheese but in small amounts. I also eat raw chocolate in small amounts and use Stevia—which according to the author of said book above—is an acceptable sweetener. My body loves raw chocolate—much better than regular. I just have tiny bites—that’s all it takes! (For clarity—by tiny, I mean eating 1/3 of an inch in diameter chocolate ball! Tiny! It is super rich so doesn’t take much!)

I just experiment with what feels the best here—the cooked proteins are heavy so I usually surround them in a salad or a smashed avocado!

I cut out cooked carbs and sugar too!!!!

So to recap—raw smoothie in morning, some cooked protein for lunch in an avocado—if I have lunch, 8-10 ingredient salad for dinner often with small amount of cooked protein—a handful. Desserts consist of nuts, nut butters, nut butter and yogurt and blueberries or other berries, or yogurt and fruit balsamic vinegars—yummm—or apple/nut butter/raisins/nuts on horizontal apple slices. Nut butters without sugar! Add raw chocolate to any of this. Bliss! (Part 3 will have the recipes for these!)

Well—the difference in diet is staggering. My husband will attest! I am joyful, happy, and laughing all of the time—NOW. No crashing, no hiding, no burnt nerves! No anger, way less snarkiness, impatience, and an overall decline in general bitchiness! Whoah, right?

Trent, the long suffering husband, speaks:
“When Reina chose to change her eating habits; I really didn’t expect to see any changes.  Over
time I realized that her mood fluctuations weren’t happening – she was in a joyful place nearly
all of the time – and when momma’s happy … everybody’s happy.”

What was happening for me is this—I was eating a healthy version of the Standard American Diet (SAD)—I ate good salads regularly but also cooked carbs, meat, sugar, chocolate, etc. I do a lot of energy work as many of you know—typically, I ride a wave of light up and it is high energy. Wonderful!

Then I go into the trough of the wave and I crash—the bigger the wave, the bigger the crash. The crash would shatter my brain chemistry—my dopamine, serotonin, etc—I would feel depleted, super grouchy, angry, and my nerve endings would feel burnt on the ends—my brain would feel fried—just like electrical circuits that have had a surge of electricity. I would feel like a raw nerve and would need to hide for a few days to recover. This has been going on for my entire energetic career. I just thought this was how it is for an energy worker. (Just imagine Super PMS and you’ve got.)

Eating mostly raw with no cooked carbs and no sugar has changed my life! For me—it is all about the dark leafy greens—kale, swiss chard, mizuna, and spinach. I buy them as babies in what is called a power greens combo. I make a smoothy from them every morning. I’ll give the recipe in Part 3 of this series!

Here’s the story of what is going on for me and for many of you:

Kundalini must break us down–physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual armor–and then rebuild us. This takes 3 years or so once the kundalini is fully activated. It is ongoing while kundalini is working you and you aren’t fully activated. It is burning through your circuitry to open it up so that you can become enlightened—so you definitely want to work with this energy!!!! Unless enlightenment isn’t your gig, of course! BTW—it isn’t really an ego decision—Soul is in charge. If it is The Plan, it is happening! Roll with it—you’ve got no choice!

The breaking down/burning-through-the-channels process that kundalini initiates creates a lot of free radicals, oxidative damage, and toxic waste as it rips through the body. This adds to the already compromised system—as most us don’t eat raw, actual food from nature. (Our bodies are designed to eat things from nature—basically if it doesn’t grow on a tree, bush, or plant; or is part of these; or if doesn’t have wings, hooves, fins or fur, then we weren’t designed to eat it. We are working with millions of years here. When fire came on the scene was much more recent. Also, from my observations with food—we are eating the energy of the food as much or more than the chemistry of the food—AND THAT has wide reaching ramifications! It brings our broken, inhumane food system into sharp relief. Do we really want to eat the adrenaline and terror the animal experienced at its death? I’m not saying don’t eat meat, but how it’s processed counts—Kosher generally assures better practices and local farmed-raised and slaughtered meat has the chance of being more humane. There are lots of books on this subject—I digress.)

Raw food has light—cooked food doesn’t. Cooked food has nutrients but no light—raw has both—raw is generally much easier to digest in a healthy digestive tract—some of you may not have a healthy digestive tract, so experiment and start small and see how it makes you feel.

Raw food gives you more energy, cooked food drains energy—that is why you get sleepy after a big meal—the majority of your energy is going to digestion—estimates are in the neighborhood of 80% of your energy goes to digestion! Yikes!

You don’t have to believe me. Try this test—the next time you eat a big, cooked meal, listen to how hard your heart is working when you go to sleep—you will notice it is beating hard and your heart rate is elevated. You may feel agitated or anxious too. Why? It takes a lot of blood to digest dead food. Then try eating a big salad—all raw the next night and, a raw snack if you must, before bed. Again, listen to your heart when you go to sleep. It will be beating normally—in fact, you may not even notice it because it isn’t working nearly so hard. You will feel calm.

Most of us have years of eating cooked carbs, alcohol, sugar-infused, nonfood items (ketchup, crackers, salad dressings, cold cuts, sausages not to mentions sweets—cookies, cakes, pies, candy bars, pop, etc) and as a result—our systems are toxic. Add to this lots of stress in the form of coritsol and you have a sick system already with lots of inflammation. Kundalini—in the beginning—simply adds to this. Then we have a system in crisis.

The solution is get super nutrition to build strong protein at the cell level through fresh greens and veggies. Go easy on the fruit as it is sugar also—normally fruit would be okay but our systems are overrun by sugar already–go easy on beets and carrots too as they are sugary.

Dark leafy greens are the keystone for building strong protein structures along with supplemental silicon–which improves wrinkles, skin, hair and nails so some welcome side benefits!

The saga continues in Part 2—the down and dirty!