Part 3: “Don’t Mess Up My Food” Recipes

Part 3: “Don’t Mess Up MProduct Page Butterflyy Food” Recipes

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been on an energy and food adventure since the beginning of this year with amazing results. Dark leafy greens are my best friends these days—no more “crispy-crittered” nerve endings after energetic sessions! Below are some of my go-to favs—delish and help my central nervous system. What is working for me is eating greens twice a day—I don’t always eat lunch—and then eating a very small portion of cooked protein or sushi with my super salad. Enjoy!


Please note: All items are organic. I am from the People’s Republic of Boulder, after all!

Morning Smoothie

½ avocado

2 fistfuls of dark leafy greens (baby kale, mizuna, Swiss chard, spinach combo)

Several slices of  English cucumber

Handful of blueberries

½ apple

Baby bell pepper—orange, red, or yellow

Handful of sugar snap peas or green beans

Handful of microgreens

Shredded red and green cabbage—a small handful

1 T flax seeds—ground

1T rice bran

1T sunflower lecithin

Several T of chia seeds

1 T of Nutritional Yeast

I add a little bit of water—so there’s ¼ inch in the bottom once all of the veggies are in. Also, add a splash of cold processed apple juice or stevia for a little sweet. BLEND. YUMMM!

Turmeric-Coconut Bedtime Drink: For Better Digestion and Liver Health

Here’s how I keep it on hand for ease of use:

In a small jar combine:

3 Tbsp turmeric

2 tsp black pepper

1 Tbsp powdered ginger

Cover the jar and shake to combine

To use: Mix 1 teaspoon of the powdered mix with 1 cup of milk of your choice (canned coconut is great!)

Can add other spices to make it more chai-like

Great anti-inflammatory


Favorite Lunch or Dinner

Whole or half avocado, peeled and smashed

Add a couple of Tablespoons of tuna in oil, or smoked salmon or canned salmon or canned chicken or any cooked ground meat or cooked egg or mackerel or bits of sausage or good quality bacon or cooked shrimp or good quality, no-sugar-having luncheon meat—good Spanish ham is amazing or pancetta—the list is endless!

Add a few sliced and quartered English cucumber

A handful of scissored cilantro

4 or more quartered cherry tomatoes

Some scissored chives, or green onions or red onions—in small pieces

Can also skip the cuke, tomatoes, and onions and do berries, goat cheese or feta in the avo! Could add a fruit balsamic—just a dash—OMG!

Can add micro greens or torn dark leafy greens or top with sprouts

Can add pumpkin seeds or cheese crumbles but generally doesn’t need

Swirl everything together! Doesn’t need dressing. Avo does the deed!

Eat! So versatile and delish!

Favorite Dinner

Torn dark leafy greens—power combo mentioned above (spinach, kale, etc)

Sliced and quartered cukes and zukes

Cherry tomatoes

Sliced colored bell peppers

Broccoli slaw

Cabbage Red and Green mix

Micro greens (get the most interesting combos—amaranth, kale, etc—they are mild)

Add sprouts

Pumpkins seeds

Add goat cheese crumbles and/or smoked salmon or tuna or sausage or whatever meat you like


Walnut oil, cold processed (for the ALAs—see previous post—can use any high quality oil—try pumpkin seed for rich deliciousness or olive or avocado oil)

1T of brown mustard

1 t heaping of minced garlic

1-2 or more T of apple cider vinegar or other fruit vinegar (I have blueberry, apple, and orange—yummm)

Add 1-2 t of favorite fresh herb—I use thyme or whatever I have on hand—cilantro—parsley

Can add stevia or not—just a little if add it—to taste

Mix and dress salad! Keep in fridge—walnut is pourable right out of fridge.


Greek-style plain yogurt

Add raw chocolate or cacao (not cocoa—this is heavily processed and has few nutrients—cacao has lots and is delicious)

Berries or not

Add blueberry, apple or orange balsamic vinegars—1T—intense fruit flavor no added sugar (don’t use apple cider vinegar here—too tart unless that’s your gig!) Delish!


Nut Truffles

2c hazelnuts, walnuts, or almonds—soak overnight and then let fully dry—takes a day or two—or dehydrate on 90F for faster version—takes a couple of hours—don’t put in oven—most ovens go down to 200F and not lower which will destroy the enzymes/nutrients in the nuts—keep heat around 100F or lower.

Process dry nuts in food processor

Add 2t vanilla or almond extract or black walnut extract or other

2T of tahini—raw, refrigerated kind

1/2t spice—chili is great—Chinese 5 Spice—lavender—cinnamon—nutmeg—you name it

½ c raw cacao

Add everything except cacao in food processer and process until mixture sticks together. Roll into balls and then roll in cacao. Refrig for an hour and then eat! Whoah! Super rich and will fix that chocolate craving! Super good for you too!

Reluctant Health Nut Smoothie

(Anyone who knows my husband knows—his idea of a green vegetable is a green M&M BUT he likes this! Has lots of sugar in the banana but to ease a health resistant person into the fold—works well. The nutritional stuff at the end, he doesn’t even taste! Bonus!)

One banana in blender

¼-1/2 inch of milk of your choice in bottom of blender

1-2T of raw nut butter

1 packet of stevia or dates—several

1-2 t of chia seeds

Handful of blueberries

½ apple

(can add ½ avocado but my husband would freak—green stuff—yikes!)

1 t cacao (raw chocolate) or carob

1T lecithin

1T nutritional yeast

1T flax seed crushed

1T rice bran

Blend and enjoy. YUM!

There is so much more–avocado hummus, homemade lox, quinoa and coconut “oatmeal.”

Enjoy. Always more to come!