Part 5: The Emerald Matrix Activation

Part 5: The Emerald Matrix Activation


So, I’ve now wProduct 3 Machu Picchuritten to you, dear reader, of my change in diet and the whys, hows, and what-to’s, etc. The previous series of blogs—parts 1-4 detail my nutritional revelations and how it has transformed my life.

Now I can tell you about why it actually happened! At the end of last year, a dear friend told me about the Emerald Matrix Activation—she just gave me the basics—but it was enough!

I had the opportunity to try the activation out in early December at my beloved Vapor Caves in Glenwood Springs. The activation was quick, decisive and the energies were huge. I sort of became a 7-8 foot emerald flame at the climax of the whole experience. Pretty cool! Okay, so it was a little unnerving also, I’ll admit it.

Since that activation, my guidance has been of a different order. I’ve always had pretty strong guidance as I see energies, hear my guides, etc. so guidance has generally been hard to ignore most of the time (of course my own resistance has been there too, mind you) but the guidance isn’t coming from outside of myself but rather inside myself. It is a little hard to describe.

Let me digress for a moment. The Emerald Matrix Activation initiates a matrix inside of your higher self. Everyone has a matrix. Once activated, this matrix will bring forth with incredible efficiency whatever your God Gifts are for full expression. Sit with that for a moment.

The activation of the matrix will bring you into wholeness of mind, body, and spirit. It will also hasten whatever healing is necessary, whatever modalities are most appropriate, how you should be eating, and whatever else you may need to bring you to your God Self. It also will bring forth whatever energetic entanglements remain unaddressed in your past, present, future and, in right timing, you will have the opportunity to untangle these.

Okay, so you are feeling into the potency of these words. Yes, there are a few implications which do bare note. I mentioned the efficiency in which all of this comes forth. This is key.

I did my activation in December and by February I was moving into bringing forth the work that I have waited lifetimes to bring forward—so it took 2 months! (Well, that and the decades of work I’ve done prior to this!) I did mention efficiency.

For me, these two months weren’t tumultuous or crazy—they were intense but that is typical for me. What was different was how things just flowed with increased ease and how I didn’t resist anything. Things just came up and then immediately—and I do mean immediately—the solutions presented themselves and I just flowed with all of it without any drama or complaining or complications or, well, any doubt or hesitation. The flow or magnetics was coming from me—but the most conscious part of myself—the Wise One within me is directing the Show!

This guidance is more direct than I have previously experienced. It is me, my symphony and I’m guiding it but from the Highest Part of myself. Words are so limiting here but you get the idea.

So, this activation is a part of you—Your Higher Self is the one who is now directing your healing—you are directing your own healing from inside Yourself! Some of you are saying—“Yeah, I’ve been doing that.” And you are right too! This is just a different order of that. A much bigger order of this same thing. You become your own Physician—and I mean Physician with a capital P which includes Metaphysics, of course!

It is like I’ve been on a conveyor belt of energy leading to my greatest energetic expression—the expression is still unfolding but I have landed in the middle of what I’m going to call the Ascending Earth and I can see what is going on and how I’m contributing and it is unbelievable!

We humans are building the gateways, bridges and other paraphernalia to create the dream we have all been dreaming. An earth that is safe for all beings. Co-creation with nature. A complete change in paradigm where love is the consciousness of all manifest creation—and it is all consciously created this way–by humans! I am seeing all of this! It is real and, most surprising for me, it is PHYSICAL! We ALL will start seeing it physically in the coming years—maybe 10 years or less. That’s a guess.

This work, this higher expression sits right on top of the expression of reality we all are familiar with.

I don’t want to go too far down the rabbit hole with this right now BUT . . . suffice it to say, this higher expression is here, it is physical and you can access it only in the moment—so a quiet mind AND when you are in the vibration of love. In later blogs, I will describe some of my adventures in this Ascending Earth.

Right now I’m shouting from the rooftops two things that are coupled together!

Shout out #1: As soon as it feels right, get your Emerald Matrix Activated. This activation will enable you to contribute at your highest level!

Shout out#2: All of the grief that many of you are experiencing over the degradation/raping of our planet, all of the insanity that is expressing in the politics of our countries, all of the insanity of the unequal distribution of resources, the extinction of species—all of this grief we are all feeling about our world and how messed up it seems to be—What I say to you is—a new world is being built right now—it is physical and here. Focus on it—focus on the moment—find it—access love. This new world is a choice. Do you choose love or lack/fear/hoarding your goods/services and fighting others to defend your Stuff? Everyone is choosing—there is no “not choosing.”

You don’t choose via your mind but rather your actions—what do they demonstrate? You can’t spend all of your time at the mall shopping and then claim you stand for love! Well, actually you could, if you are holding love for everyone you interact with while you are shopping! Love isn’t an idea or a concept—it is something that emanates from you to others.

Bottomline, keep it real and don’t kid yourself! If you want an acid test—look to see how you spend your money. That will tell you what’s important to you—where you spend your hard earned cash!

The folks who choose lack/fear/hoarding, it’s okay. These folks simply need more time and they will get more of what this consciousness produces. For those who dare to choose love, well, guess what, those folks will inherit the Ascending Earth! Both are choices and both are neither good nor bad. All is well in the eyes of eternity.

I’m clear on my choice! And I’d love the company!

I hope my elation is palpable and you go on your adventure to see what I’m talking about! Feel free to email me.

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Happy Activating!