The Age of Adeline

The Age of AdelineIMG_2542

I am so pleased to meet Adeline in the flesh. She is perfect, happy, and beautiful. I first met Adeline when her mom conceived her. I call her the Little General because as a soul, prior to being born, Adeline named herself, announced her birth date, and gave her mom directions on food choices among a host of other things. She has come to manifest specific frequencies of love and she isn’t fooling around!

As many of the souls incarnating now, Adeline is holding refined, elevated frequencies. She is a soul of the Ascended Earth here to help humanity make the paradigm shift from fear to love. Those are such simple words to write but the shift is profound and will affect every aspect of our lives. Of course, this will happen only for those who choose love and are willing to embrace change. The new energies need outlets, avenues, people who will allow them to run through their bodies and then will act from this newness. Miracles are happening right now—I see them in my practice commonly—people opening up and completely changing their lives for the better. I see medical miracles as well. It is humbling to witness.

Just a note—for those who want to continue with things as they are—this also is an avenue. The majority of the planet is involved with some form of fear—fear of lack—not enough-ness—lack of love, lack of connection/community as we commonly see in the West or lack of food and resources as we see more in Developing countries. These are different manifestations of the same basic affliction—LACK. This stems from most people not feeling enough within themselves—they feel flawed, wrong, irregular goods. Just consider how much of what we buy attempts to address this basic feeling of not being enough. Nothing you buy will ever address this—I know you know this.

Lack causes people to be fearful. Fear has its purpose but we’ve created a world based on fear—instead of helping each other.

We’ve created a world where people are too afraid to speak their truth—too afraid to leave the job they hate, too afraid to be who they really are because they might be ostracized. None of this is wrong. But it is a choice.

The thing is—if we want to be free and truly joyful—there is no way to do that and not express our truth. A tight little rosebud playing small and trying to be invisible will never know the joys of fully blossoming—ever. The little rosebud can buy fancy shoes and makeup or a cool car and fancy clothes as boobie prizes but true freedom—never!

We can’t possibly be happy until we fully accept all that we are—when we spend all of our time pretending we aren’t jealous, angry, afraid, whatever—well, that’s a lot of work to keep that illusion up and of course we don’t feel free—we aren’t—we’re spending all of our time and strength keeping the door to the boogie men and women CLOSED! Whew! Exhausting!

The bottom line: Your actions and, most importantly their sponsoring emotions, are an expression of your consciousness. This is what determines which paradigm you will experience. Lack/fear or love. Neither is wrong. However, one is a bit more fun than the other.

And well, I’ll say it—if you stay in fear, you will experience more of what fear magnetizes. Enough said!

What does it mean to hold love and then act from that place? It means acceptance quite simply— acceptance of everything and everyone. Acceptance of self is of course the beginning and, well, the end because once you accept self, you accept everyone else too—they go hand in hand.

I have recently learned a wonderful way of communicating that is so simple and is based in love. When speaking with someone, simply deeply listen—which is a rather active act—deeply listening is with your whole being—you receive what the other is communicating through all of your senses—you are fully present! (Not on your phone, ipad, computer, etc!)

Step 1: Deeply listen

Step 2: Repeat back what you believe you heard and ask for verification

Step 3: Ask if there is more

Step 4: Repeat back what you believe you heard and ask for verification

Step 5: Repeat steps 3 & 4 until complete

Step 6: Verify for the person that what they are communicating makes sense (from their perspective—you may not necessarily share that perspective but that is fine—this isn’t about you)

Step 7: Empathize—allow yourself to feel what they are feeling and communicate that

That’s it! You are accepting what the other person is communicating and simply receiving it in a way the other person feels seen, heard, and received. This is conscious communication. It is called Imago Therapy and I read about it in a great book called Getting the Love You Want by Harville Hendrix. This is a book for couple’s demonstrating how to have a conscious partnership based in acceptance.

In love, there is NO criticism—not even that sneaky “helpful” kind which is always about the other person anyway! Love doesn’t criticize, it accepts. Big stuff! I really feel this but re-patterning is going to take some effort!

There is more than 20 years of experience and trial and error that demonstrates that the above approach works. The author uses lots of case studies which is insightful. There are many more exercises but I thought I would just share with you the one! Try it out and see how it transforms your life.

Love means being open to new, to change—because we have a lot to change—but we aren’t really changing anything—the change simply comes through us—change does us!

I’ve mentioned the Ascending Earth in my previous blog posts. Let me offer more detail of what I’ve been exploring—many of you have been exploring this as well. The more the merrier!

The world that we are heading toward—for those who chose it—we hold love for all people but also for all life which means we stop eating animals. We grow food in cooperation with the plants. We develop new types of plants and proteins through full cooperation with the divinity of nature. We live in cooperation with nature which means our homes are quite different from what they are now. Our cities are nothing like what they are currently either. I’m not sure city is the right word in this future. We receive free energy because we learn how to do so. Actually, this latter part is already known through the work of Tesla and others but we build on this and take it to new heights where consciousness IS the technology. Technology no longer is outside of ourselves and—no—I’m not talking about robotics or becoming borgs! When we really experience Oneness with all life—it changes us forever and our abilities to create explode—but it is in cooperation for the upliftment of all life. ALL LIFE SHARES because there is love not annihilation. Just consider—plants do know how to feed themselves through sunlight after all! Imagine what we can learn and assimilate!

We no longer keep companion animals either. We become the true stewards of this planet that we were originally designed to be. We learn how to have zero impact within our environments—actually, that isn’t accurate—we actually enhance our environments as we exist within them.

This all may seem unrealistic or utopia but it isn’t—much of what is required is already here. There are those who are claiming their God gifts—gifts of mastery over many areas far beyond what is currently recognized by mainstream science. Gifts of healing, genetics, creating life, helping life continue to survive, helping new species incarnate, and on and on. I have only scratched the surface as this is opening up for me—it is all new and there are so many others doing so many other things!

I have encountered trees that are so ancient and hold knowledge of advanced healing. They freely give to those who are ready. The Tree of Life that many different traditions recount—these aren’t myths! These trees are real. I’ve “met” several and they literally blew my mind.

One incident occurred while working with a client. He and I found such a tree— it is The Tree of Life for the Ancient Egyptians. I wept, I was so overwhelmed by its magnificence. It was like I found home.

I felt such love and profound gratitude for this being. The ancientness and presence and wisdom that emanated from it can’t be captured in words. This Tree is far beyond human consciousness.

I experienced a deep healing in my heart that is still difficult to talk about. My heart simply opened to encompass this teacher and its wisdom. And this act was the completion of eons of initiation. Completion. I have graduated from this Tradition.

I have kept this information close to me as it is deeply sacred to me and difficult to express. I will share more as the adventure continues!