Flying with Baba Yaga

Flying with Baba YagaBaba Yaga Elephant Cave

So, last October, over Halloween, a friend of mine, Shea Armstrong, and I decided to do a ceremony to embrace all of our alienated, disenfranchised, shadow aspects of self. What better time than over Halloween, right?

This was a rather spontaneous creation, or so we thought. I bring this up to point out the power of self-generated ceremony—ceremony from your heart is authentic and, as such, incredibly powerful. I might add always to include asking for whatever is in your highest and best good—kind of a blanket statement that is always wise to include. (A key point in this tale of adventure, I might add!)

So, we decided to create an altar in the form of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, see below picture. We anchored the four directions and the Northwest and Southeast.  We made sure we had a solid container of energies before IMG_0884we proceeded. (Hint: if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you probably shouldn’t do this ceremony.)

We called upon the 5 directions and called upon the Light to hold us while we explored these hidden parts of ourselves. The 5 directions include South is Pachamama—Mother Earth, West is MamaKilla, Mother Waters, North is Wiracocha, God, Jesus, other Divine Masculine Being, East is Inti, the Sun/Illumination, and the center is Quechi, Ether or Spirit, the Void.

My friend had painted a picture of Baba Yaga—so we decided that it would be great to have that picture hanging over the mesa—we then used two shawls and arranged them like wings on the wall and then placed Baba Yaga in the middle of the two wings. It looked like Baba was flying out of the wall! Yay-ikes!

Baba Yaga, coincidentally, is a Slavic mythological figure that represents a Death Mother among many other things. She is of the Deep Forest and destroys all that is false. She is often depicted as a witch and is often rather ugly—pardon if I say so Yaga. She is definitely someone familiar with shadow selves.

Oddly, while in Bali, Indonesia, I had an Indonesian man point out a carving of Baba Yaga at the Elephant Cave, Goa Gajah. Baba gets around! She does fly on a mortar or is it her pestle?

We dedicated our ceremony to Baba Yaga, the Mother Destroyer, the Destroyer of the False.

My friend had been reading in this book about rage (Healing Rage by Ruth King) so we decided to incorporate a Rage Ceremony where we get in touch with these aspects of ourselves and allow our rageful selves to speak to us, to communicate, to say all of the things that we have never allowed them to say—to embody them and to allow them to act out—to a safe degree. I do not recommend this type of thing lightly, all kidding aside. It was a powerful ceremony but one must be ready to handle these aspects. We called upon a lot of light to help us in this endeavor. (Please note the serious tone here—don’t do this unless called!) A suggestion: if you do go ahead—ask for Team Crystal to invoke the Interdimensional Cone of Light so that you aren’t adding to astral weirdness! When you conclude your ceremony, disconnect the Interdimensional Cone of Light. Don’t forget! You might also clear the energy of the room to be doubly sure you aren’t littering the place energetically.)

There were rules for doing the rage ceremony which included not hurting anything/anyone, no breaking things, etc. Pillows, nerf balls/bats, yoga blocks and other soft-type implements are encouraged to be employed—ripping up paper, magazines—safe items. A teddy bear or stuffed animal is good too. We actually both liked using a hose to beat on the pillows—yoga straps worked well too!

To prepare for our Rage Ceremony—we made our faces up to embody our rageful selves—we were essentially getting into character! We wanted to give “face” to these parts of ourselves.

FullSizeRenderThe rage ceremony (our interpretation) included going into a dark, candlelit room where the mesa/altar was located, turning on some head banger music (good bass so the neighbors don’t call the cops!) and then letting some incident come into mind that caused us to feel rage.

You go back to this incident and feel what you felt then—especially what you didn’t express. You let it take you. Start saying out loud what you didn’t say then—keep going. You will feel the emotions rise. Once you get going, the genie is out of the bottle and other incidents will come up. You will be surprised by what you learn as the uncorking of energy takes on a life of its own. Let yourself scream, cry, howl—whatever. Throw the pillow, beat on it, rip up the magazines, etc. Let yourself be a two-year old again and feel how good it feels to unload all of this junk! Allow yourself to really feel these darker aspects of yourself. You can invite other darker energies in—jealousy, anger, rage, etc. Let yourself feel those parts that are “bad”—it is freeing to let them out. Let them keep talking to you and you will feel the energies peak and then you feel what is underneath the rage—the pain, terror, abandonment, heart break, etc. This is the gold—to discover what the rage is covering or protecting. Allow these parts to speak to you. Things will get very quiet and you will just let the quieter emotions come—the tears, the pain. Let this part of you be held by you. Grab your stuffed animal and hold it as “you”—cuddle it, hug it, love it. Love this disenfranchised part of yourself. Here is the magic. Let yourself love these parts—like lost little children—lots of noise covering up pain—tantrums covering up heart break. Reclaim these parts of yourself through love.

The only rule is—no hurting yourself or anything else.

At the end of this, you will feel exhausted. Write in a notebook, the things that surprised you. Pray to be shown how to integrate these parts of you. This would be a good time to do a Soul Body Fusion or other integrative work.

Shea and I took turns going into the mesa/altar room to do our rage ceremonies. We wanted to be alone when we let the gates open—so we could be uninhibited in our expressions.

After our ceremonies, we shared with each other what happened. The processing helps integration. We walked around the neighborhood in our ghoul faces too. We let ourselves be “seen.”

The next day, we were in the mesa/altar room, saying our prayers, our intentions for moving forward. We both wrote out some actions we were committing to in the next month—actions that support our Light and Love—things we had been putting off or avoiding that we felt we needed to do.

We both wrote these out and then read them out loud, asking for support and the courage to do what was in our highest and best good.

After this, I grabbed a brass statue—we hadn’t closed down the energies yet. We were just admiring the mesa and the items on it.

I didn’t really know what the statue was exactly—I just grabbed it and proclaimed—while holding it high in the air—“destroy my life.”

The look on my friend’s face, much less mine, was something along the lines of abject surprise and fear.

I hadn’t consciously intended to do that but there was a movement of energy of which I was a part and I simply moved with it. After it had moved through, I thought—“oh no—I could’ve stated that a little more clearly—like—“destroy that which is false”—but that isn’t what came out of my mouth!

I also knew I couldn’t take it back as I proudly, loudly, and forcefully proclaimed this. My friend felt a lightning bolt of energy come into the room in that moment—and later told me she silently cursed me!

The statue was my friend’s—it was a statue of Shiva, The Destroyer in his Ultra Destroyer mode—Nataraja—the one who destroys a weary and obsolete Universe.

Well, of course, I went home and proceeded to get pneumonia for the following month—the entire month of November, I was sick and in dissolution mode.

Since I had asked for my world to be destroyed, I thought I better not fool around—if I was going to die—so be it but if I was to survive my destruction, then I better go to the doctor. Something I haven’t done in over 30 years.

I did go, got 5 pills—antibiotics—yikes—took them as directed, got guided to the perfect probiotic, vitamin and mineral supplement drink to rebuild my gut bacteria and my weakened system and got better in a few weeks. Hey, rebuilding a world takes time!

The moral of the story—be careful what you ask for! Although, I can honestly say—this was all perfect in ways I haven’t even touched on here.