Celestial Baby Speak

30759767_xlCelestial Assistance for Your Child’s Development. Celestial Baby Speak helps jump start your child to help them reach their maximum potential.  In order to ensure maximum upliftment, Reina connects in to your child’s guides and then allows them to work through her to provide whatever is in your child’s highest and best good—gently, safely, and effectively.  


You can address physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues.

Typically, sessions consist/result in various combinations of the following, depending upon the request of your child’s guides:

Increase peace and calmness
Improve sleep patterns including assisting with night terrors
Release birth trauma from suction or forceps births or other birth trauma
Address developmental issues such as colic, food allergies, Torticolis, etc
Maximize development, increasing alertness, perception and engagement with his/her environment
Provide Soul Body Fusion™   ̶  consisting of a simple process to bring  more of your child’s soul light into their body
Channeling of your child’s guides for advice
Entrainment of Unity Consciousness
Connecting to your child’s guides and strengthening that connection to enable his or her guides to work more directly with them
Past life regression, healing, and integration28727686_xl
Channeling of the your child’s guides for advice
Clearing  energies from their chakras that doesn’t serve them
Releasing energetic blocks
Getting protection for their delicate and open hearts
What a gift you can give to your precious child!

Sessions are offered via Skype, phone, or in person if local to Colorado. My Skype name is crystalgoddess.

Cost is $100/hour with Reina payable via PayPal, credit card, cash, or local Colorado check.
Combo sessions involve both Reina and hands on healing through my husband Trent and are $150/hour payable as above.