Flying with Baba Yaga

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Flying with Baba YagaBaba Yaga Elephant Cave

So, last October, over Halloween, a friend of mine, Shea Armstrong, and I decided to do a ceremony to embrace all of our alienated, disenfranchised, shadow aspects of self. What better time than over Halloween, right?

This was a rather spontaneous creation, or so we thought. I bring this up to point out the power of self-generated ceremony—ceremony from your heart is authentic and, as such, incredibly powerful. I might add always to include asking for whatever is in your highest and best good—kind of a blanket statement that is always wise to include. (A key point in this tale of adventure, I might add!)

So, we decided to create an altar in the form of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, see below picture. We anchored the four directions and the Northwest and Southeast.  We made sure we had a solid container of energies before IMG_0884we proceeded. (Hint: if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you probably shouldn’t do this ceremony.)

We called upon the 5 directions and called upon the Light to hold us while we explored these hidden parts of ourselves. The 5 directions include South is Pachamama—Mother Earth, West is MamaKilla, Mother Waters, North is Wiracocha, God, Jesus, other Divine Masculine Being, East is Inti, the Sun/Illumination, and the center is Quechi, Ether or Spirit, the Void.

My friend had painted a picture of Baba Yaga—so we decided that it would be great to have that picture hanging over the mesa—we then used two shawls and arranged them like wings on the wall and then placed Baba Yaga in the middle of the two wings. It looked like Baba was flying out of the wall! Yay-ikes!

Baba Yaga, coincidentally, is a Slavic mythological figure that represents a Death Mother among many other things. She is of the Deep Forest and destroys all that is false. She is often depicted as a witch and is often rather ugly—pardon if I say so Yaga. She is definitely someone familiar with shadow selves.

Oddly, while in Bali, Indonesia, I had an Indonesian man point out a carving of Baba Yaga at the Elephant Cave, Goa Gajah. Baba gets around! She does fly on a mortar or is it her pestle?

We dedicated our ceremony to Baba Yaga, the Mother Destroyer, the Destroyer of the False.

My friend had been reading in this book about rage (Healing Rage by Ruth King) so we decided to incorporate a Rage Ceremony where we get in touch with these aspects of ourselves and allow our rageful selves to speak to us, to communicate, to say all of the things that we have never allowed them to say—to embody them and to allow them to act out—to a safe degree. I do not recommend this type of thing lightly, all kidding aside. It was a powerful ceremony but one must be ready to handle these aspects. We called upon a lot of light to help us in this endeavor. (Please note the serious tone here—don’t do this unless called!) A suggestion: if you do go ahead—ask for Team Crystal to invoke the Interdimensional Cone of Light so that you aren’t adding to astral weirdness! When you conclude your ceremony, disconnect the Interdimensional Cone of Light. Don’t forget! You might also clear the energy of the room to be doubly sure you aren’t littering the place energetically.)

There were rules for doing the rage ceremony which included not hurting anything/anyone, no breaking things, etc. Pillows, nerf balls/bats, yoga blocks and other soft-type implements are encouraged to be employed—ripping up paper, magazines—safe items. A teddy bear or stuffed animal is good too. We actually both liked using a hose to beat on the pillows—yoga straps worked well too!

To prepare for our Rage Ceremony—we made our faces up to embody our rageful selves—we were essentially getting into character! We wanted to give “face” to these parts of ourselves.

FullSizeRenderThe rage ceremony (our interpretation) included going into a dark, candlelit room where the mesa/altar was located, turning on some head banger music (good bass so the neighbors don’t call the cops!) and then letting some incident come into mind that caused us to feel rage.

You go back to this incident and feel what you felt then—especially what you didn’t express. You let it take you. Start saying out loud what you didn’t say then—keep going. You will feel the emotions rise. Once you get going, the genie is out of the bottle and other incidents will come up. You will be surprised by what you learn as the uncorking of energy takes on a life of its own. Let yourself scream, cry, howl—whatever. Throw the pillow, beat on it, rip up the magazines, etc. Let yourself be a two-year old again and feel how good it feels to unload all of this junk! Allow yourself to really feel these darker aspects of yourself. You can invite other darker energies in—jealousy, anger, rage, etc. Let yourself feel those parts that are “bad”—it is freeing to let them out. Let them keep talking to you and you will feel the energies peak and then you feel what is underneath the rage—the pain, terror, abandonment, heart break, etc. This is the gold—to discover what the rage is covering or protecting. Allow these parts to speak to you. Things will get very quiet and you will just let the quieter emotions come—the tears, the pain. Let this part of you be held by you. Grab your stuffed animal and hold it as “you”—cuddle it, hug it, love it. Love this disenfranchised part of yourself. Here is the magic. Let yourself love these parts—like lost little children—lots of noise covering up pain—tantrums covering up heart break. Reclaim these parts of yourself through love.

The only rule is—no hurting yourself or anything else.

At the end of this, you will feel exhausted. Write in a notebook, the things that surprised you. Pray to be shown how to integrate these parts of you. This would be a good time to do a Soul Body Fusion or other integrative work.

Shea and I took turns going into the mesa/altar room to do our rage ceremonies. We wanted to be alone when we let the gates open—so we could be uninhibited in our expressions.

After our ceremonies, we shared with each other what happened. The processing helps integration. We walked around the neighborhood in our ghoul faces too. We let ourselves be “seen.”

The next day, we were in the mesa/altar room, saying our prayers, our intentions for moving forward. We both wrote out some actions we were committing to in the next month—actions that support our Light and Love—things we had been putting off or avoiding that we felt we needed to do.

We both wrote these out and then read them out loud, asking for support and the courage to do what was in our highest and best good.

After this, I grabbed a brass statue—we hadn’t closed down the energies yet. We were just admiring the mesa and the items on it.

I didn’t really know what the statue was exactly—I just grabbed it and proclaimed—while holding it high in the air—“destroy my life.”

The look on my friend’s face, much less mine, was something along the lines of abject surprise and fear.

I hadn’t consciously intended to do that but there was a movement of energy of which I was a part and I simply moved with it. After it had moved through, I thought—“oh no—I could’ve stated that a little more clearly—like—“destroy that which is false”—but that isn’t what came out of my mouth!

I also knew I couldn’t take it back as I proudly, loudly, and forcefully proclaimed this. My friend felt a lightning bolt of energy come into the room in that moment—and later told me she silently cursed me!

The statue was my friend’s—it was a statue of Shiva, The Destroyer in his Ultra Destroyer mode—Nataraja—the one who destroys a weary and obsolete Universe.

Well, of course, I went home and proceeded to get pneumonia for the following month—the entire month of November, I was sick and in dissolution mode.

Since I had asked for my world to be destroyed, I thought I better not fool around—if I was going to die—so be it but if I was to survive my destruction, then I better go to the doctor. Something I haven’t done in over 30 years.

I did go, got 5 pills—antibiotics—yikes—took them as directed, got guided to the perfect probiotic, vitamin and mineral supplement drink to rebuild my gut bacteria and my weakened system and got better in a few weeks. Hey, rebuilding a world takes time!

The moral of the story—be careful what you ask for! Although, I can honestly say—this was all perfect in ways I haven’t even touched on here.


The Age of Adeline

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The Age of AdelineIMG_2542

I am so pleased to meet Adeline in the flesh. She is perfect, happy, and beautiful. I first met Adeline when her mom conceived her. I call her the Little General because as a soul, prior to being born, Adeline named herself, announced her birth date, and gave her mom directions on food choices among a host of other things. She has come to manifest specific frequencies of love and she isn’t fooling around!

As many of the souls incarnating now, Adeline is holding refined, elevated frequencies. She is a soul of the Ascended Earth here to help humanity make the paradigm shift from fear to love. Those are such simple words to write but the shift is profound and will affect every aspect of our lives. Of course, this will happen only for those who choose love and are willing to embrace change. The new energies need outlets, avenues, people who will allow them to run through their bodies and then will act from this newness. Miracles are happening right now—I see them in my practice commonly—people opening up and completely changing their lives for the better. I see medical miracles as well. It is humbling to witness.

Just a note—for those who want to continue with things as they are—this also is an avenue. The majority of the planet is involved with some form of fear—fear of lack—not enough-ness—lack of love, lack of connection/community as we commonly see in the West or lack of food and resources as we see more in Developing countries. These are different manifestations of the same basic affliction—LACK. This stems from most people not feeling enough within themselves—they feel flawed, wrong, irregular goods. Just consider how much of what we buy attempts to address this basic feeling of not being enough. Nothing you buy will ever address this—I know you know this.

Lack causes people to be fearful. Fear has its purpose but we’ve created a world based on fear—instead of helping each other.

We’ve created a world where people are too afraid to speak their truth—too afraid to leave the job they hate, too afraid to be who they really are because they might be ostracized. None of this is wrong. But it is a choice.

The thing is—if we want to be free and truly joyful—there is no way to do that and not express our truth. A tight little rosebud playing small and trying to be invisible will never know the joys of fully blossoming—ever. The little rosebud can buy fancy shoes and makeup or a cool car and fancy clothes as boobie prizes but true freedom—never!

We can’t possibly be happy until we fully accept all that we are—when we spend all of our time pretending we aren’t jealous, angry, afraid, whatever—well, that’s a lot of work to keep that illusion up and of course we don’t feel free—we aren’t—we’re spending all of our time and strength keeping the door to the boogie men and women CLOSED! Whew! Exhausting!

The bottom line: Your actions and, most importantly their sponsoring emotions, are an expression of your consciousness. This is what determines which paradigm you will experience. Lack/fear or love. Neither is wrong. However, one is a bit more fun than the other.

And well, I’ll say it—if you stay in fear, you will experience more of what fear magnetizes. Enough said!

What does it mean to hold love and then act from that place? It means acceptance quite simply— acceptance of everything and everyone. Acceptance of self is of course the beginning and, well, the end because once you accept self, you accept everyone else too—they go hand in hand.

I have recently learned a wonderful way of communicating that is so simple and is based in love. When speaking with someone, simply deeply listen—which is a rather active act—deeply listening is with your whole being—you receive what the other is communicating through all of your senses—you are fully present! (Not on your phone, ipad, computer, etc!)

Step 1: Deeply listen

Step 2: Repeat back what you believe you heard and ask for verification

Step 3: Ask if there is more

Step 4: Repeat back what you believe you heard and ask for verification

Step 5: Repeat steps 3 & 4 until complete

Step 6: Verify for the person that what they are communicating makes sense (from their perspective—you may not necessarily share that perspective but that is fine—this isn’t about you)

Step 7: Empathize—allow yourself to feel what they are feeling and communicate that

That’s it! You are accepting what the other person is communicating and simply receiving it in a way the other person feels seen, heard, and received. This is conscious communication. It is called Imago Therapy and I read about it in a great book called Getting the Love You Want by Harville Hendrix. This is a book for couple’s demonstrating how to have a conscious partnership based in acceptance.

In love, there is NO criticism—not even that sneaky “helpful” kind which is always about the other person anyway! Love doesn’t criticize, it accepts. Big stuff! I really feel this but re-patterning is going to take some effort!

There is more than 20 years of experience and trial and error that demonstrates that the above approach works. The author uses lots of case studies which is insightful. There are many more exercises but I thought I would just share with you the one! Try it out and see how it transforms your life.

Love means being open to new, to change—because we have a lot to change—but we aren’t really changing anything—the change simply comes through us—change does us!

I’ve mentioned the Ascending Earth in my previous blog posts. Let me offer more detail of what I’ve been exploring—many of you have been exploring this as well. The more the merrier!

The world that we are heading toward—for those who chose it—we hold love for all people but also for all life which means we stop eating animals. We grow food in cooperation with the plants. We develop new types of plants and proteins through full cooperation with the divinity of nature. We live in cooperation with nature which means our homes are quite different from what they are now. Our cities are nothing like what they are currently either. I’m not sure city is the right word in this future. We receive free energy because we learn how to do so. Actually, this latter part is already known through the work of Tesla and others but we build on this and take it to new heights where consciousness IS the technology. Technology no longer is outside of ourselves and—no—I’m not talking about robotics or becoming borgs! When we really experience Oneness with all life—it changes us forever and our abilities to create explode—but it is in cooperation for the upliftment of all life. ALL LIFE SHARES because there is love not annihilation. Just consider—plants do know how to feed themselves through sunlight after all! Imagine what we can learn and assimilate!

We no longer keep companion animals either. We become the true stewards of this planet that we were originally designed to be. We learn how to have zero impact within our environments—actually, that isn’t accurate—we actually enhance our environments as we exist within them.

This all may seem unrealistic or utopia but it isn’t—much of what is required is already here. There are those who are claiming their God gifts—gifts of mastery over many areas far beyond what is currently recognized by mainstream science. Gifts of healing, genetics, creating life, helping life continue to survive, helping new species incarnate, and on and on. I have only scratched the surface as this is opening up for me—it is all new and there are so many others doing so many other things!

I have encountered trees that are so ancient and hold knowledge of advanced healing. They freely give to those who are ready. The Tree of Life that many different traditions recount—these aren’t myths! These trees are real. I’ve “met” several and they literally blew my mind.

One incident occurred while working with a client. He and I found such a tree— it is The Tree of Life for the Ancient Egyptians. I wept, I was so overwhelmed by its magnificence. It was like I found home.

I felt such love and profound gratitude for this being. The ancientness and presence and wisdom that emanated from it can’t be captured in words. This Tree is far beyond human consciousness.

I experienced a deep healing in my heart that is still difficult to talk about. My heart simply opened to encompass this teacher and its wisdom. And this act was the completion of eons of initiation. Completion. I have graduated from this Tradition.

I have kept this information close to me as it is deeply sacred to me and difficult to express. I will share more as the adventure continues!

Part 5: The Emerald Matrix Activation

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Part 5: The Emerald Matrix Activation


So, I’ve now wProduct 3 Machu Picchuritten to you, dear reader, of my change in diet and the whys, hows, and what-to’s, etc. The previous series of blogs—parts 1-4 detail my nutritional revelations and how it has transformed my life.

Now I can tell you about why it actually happened! At the end of last year, a dear friend told me about the Emerald Matrix Activation—she just gave me the basics—but it was enough!

I had the opportunity to try the activation out in early December at my beloved Vapor Caves in Glenwood Springs. The activation was quick, decisive and the energies were huge. I sort of became a 7-8 foot emerald flame at the climax of the whole experience. Pretty cool! Okay, so it was a little unnerving also, I’ll admit it.

Since that activation, my guidance has been of a different order. I’ve always had pretty strong guidance as I see energies, hear my guides, etc. so guidance has generally been hard to ignore most of the time (of course my own resistance has been there too, mind you) but the guidance isn’t coming from outside of myself but rather inside myself. It is a little hard to describe.

Let me digress for a moment. The Emerald Matrix Activation initiates a matrix inside of your higher self. Everyone has a matrix. Once activated, this matrix will bring forth with incredible efficiency whatever your God Gifts are for full expression. Sit with that for a moment.

The activation of the matrix will bring you into wholeness of mind, body, and spirit. It will also hasten whatever healing is necessary, whatever modalities are most appropriate, how you should be eating, and whatever else you may need to bring you to your God Self. It also will bring forth whatever energetic entanglements remain unaddressed in your past, present, future and, in right timing, you will have the opportunity to untangle these.

Okay, so you are feeling into the potency of these words. Yes, there are a few implications which do bare note. I mentioned the efficiency in which all of this comes forth. This is key.

I did my activation in December and by February I was moving into bringing forth the work that I have waited lifetimes to bring forward—so it took 2 months! (Well, that and the decades of work I’ve done prior to this!) I did mention efficiency.

For me, these two months weren’t tumultuous or crazy—they were intense but that is typical for me. What was different was how things just flowed with increased ease and how I didn’t resist anything. Things just came up and then immediately—and I do mean immediately—the solutions presented themselves and I just flowed with all of it without any drama or complaining or complications or, well, any doubt or hesitation. The flow or magnetics was coming from me—but the most conscious part of myself—the Wise One within me is directing the Show!

This guidance is more direct than I have previously experienced. It is me, my symphony and I’m guiding it but from the Highest Part of myself. Words are so limiting here but you get the idea.

So, this activation is a part of you—Your Higher Self is the one who is now directing your healing—you are directing your own healing from inside Yourself! Some of you are saying—“Yeah, I’ve been doing that.” And you are right too! This is just a different order of that. A much bigger order of this same thing. You become your own Physician—and I mean Physician with a capital P which includes Metaphysics, of course!

It is like I’ve been on a conveyor belt of energy leading to my greatest energetic expression—the expression is still unfolding but I have landed in the middle of what I’m going to call the Ascending Earth and I can see what is going on and how I’m contributing and it is unbelievable!

We humans are building the gateways, bridges and other paraphernalia to create the dream we have all been dreaming. An earth that is safe for all beings. Co-creation with nature. A complete change in paradigm where love is the consciousness of all manifest creation—and it is all consciously created this way–by humans! I am seeing all of this! It is real and, most surprising for me, it is PHYSICAL! We ALL will start seeing it physically in the coming years—maybe 10 years or less. That’s a guess.

This work, this higher expression sits right on top of the expression of reality we all are familiar with.

I don’t want to go too far down the rabbit hole with this right now BUT . . . suffice it to say, this higher expression is here, it is physical and you can access it only in the moment—so a quiet mind AND when you are in the vibration of love. In later blogs, I will describe some of my adventures in this Ascending Earth.

Right now I’m shouting from the rooftops two things that are coupled together!

Shout out #1: As soon as it feels right, get your Emerald Matrix Activated. This activation will enable you to contribute at your highest level!

Shout out#2: All of the grief that many of you are experiencing over the degradation/raping of our planet, all of the insanity that is expressing in the politics of our countries, all of the insanity of the unequal distribution of resources, the extinction of species—all of this grief we are all feeling about our world and how messed up it seems to be—What I say to you is—a new world is being built right now—it is physical and here. Focus on it—focus on the moment—find it—access love. This new world is a choice. Do you choose love or lack/fear/hoarding your goods/services and fighting others to defend your Stuff? Everyone is choosing—there is no “not choosing.”

You don’t choose via your mind but rather your actions—what do they demonstrate? You can’t spend all of your time at the mall shopping and then claim you stand for love! Well, actually you could, if you are holding love for everyone you interact with while you are shopping! Love isn’t an idea or a concept—it is something that emanates from you to others.

Bottomline, keep it real and don’t kid yourself! If you want an acid test—look to see how you spend your money. That will tell you what’s important to you—where you spend your hard earned cash!

The folks who choose lack/fear/hoarding, it’s okay. These folks simply need more time and they will get more of what this consciousness produces. For those who dare to choose love, well, guess what, those folks will inherit the Ascending Earth! Both are choices and both are neither good nor bad. All is well in the eyes of eternity.

I’m clear on my choice! And I’d love the company!

I hope my elation is palpable and you go on your adventure to see what I’m talking about! Feel free to email me.

For more info:

Summit University


Happy Activating!


Part 4: Some of My Fav Products

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IMG_1029[1]Part 4: Some of My Fav Products!

No, I’m not selling them or getting any kick-backs for mentioning them. I’ve been on an energetic and nutritional adventure since January of this year. Posts 1-3 summarize my adventure, my findings, and a summary of foods and supplements that really help support kundalini energy–at least for me! I’ve had dramatic results! See Post 2: The Wicked Witch is Dead.

After doing my research, here are some products I’m really into! This is my second round of brands and I’m liking them better than my first round! They are mostly organic, cold-processed and definitely Non-GMO!




My Team
This is my team of support nutrients. Below I will list links to each product individually!


Organic Silicon—keystone for cellular/protein strength (side effects are collagen enhancing, great for skin, anti-wrinkle, great for hair, and nails)


True Organic Cinnamon Extract—receptor recovery


Organic Grape Seed Extract—most potent natural free radical scavenger, most potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-mutagen. Protects brain cells, collegen, and elastin, prevents inflammation, increases circulation, and maintains vascular integrity, and balances stress hormones. Also inhibits cancer growth. Biology of Kundalini book suggests 160mg/day for 10 days then 50-60mg/day.


Schulze’s Protect—all organic or wild harvested herbs. Protection for heart, brain, liver

IMG_1004 IMG_1016










Schulze’s SuperFood Plus--Naturally balanced formulation of the most easy to assimilate, nutrient dense micro-plants, herbs and foods—all organic or wild harvested ingredients—cold processed. My husband takes this so he doesn’t have to eat his veggies!

IMG_1012 IMG_1013










Raw Cacao— full of beneficial compounds and provides a great source of magnesium, calcium, chromium, serotonin, zinc, iron, copper, potassium, and more. It is also one of the richest natural food sources of antioxidant flavonols.









The remaining products I purchased at my local health food store—in Colorado, Natural Grocers (formerly Vitamin Cottage).

Nutritional Yeast (Brewers Yeast)–good for anti-stress, all B vitamins, including B3 which is the body’s most potent anti-oxidant, increases energy, increases immune system function, protects cells, increases memory, increases cellular energy and the only compound to activate the nucleus of your DNA to repair DNA, decreases depressionIMG_1010, increases neurotransmitters and increases physical strength/focus. Mood enhancer. Also great source of chromium which reduces blood sugar levels and helps glycation , also helps metabolize carbs, fats, proteins and reduces sugar cravings. It is inexpensive too!








Non-GMO Sunflower Lecithin—good for brain and nervous system












Wild Sourced Fish Oil–good for nervous system










Non-GMO Rice Bran—heavy metal chelation (helps the body rid itself of heavy metals)










Organic, cold processed, Non-GMO Flax Seed Meal—great source of Omega 3s and all 10 amino acids










Organic Black Chia Seeds—good source of vegetal protein—Tarahumara native people can run non-stop on just chia seeds for 6 days straight! Potent!


Part 3: “Don’t Mess Up My Food” Recipes

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Part 3: “Don’t Mess Up MProduct Page Butterflyy Food” Recipes

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been on an energy and food adventure since the beginning of this year with amazing results. Dark leafy greens are my best friends these days—no more “crispy-crittered” nerve endings after energetic sessions! Below are some of my go-to favs—delish and help my central nervous system. What is working for me is eating greens twice a day—I don’t always eat lunch—and then eating a very small portion of cooked protein or sushi with my super salad. Enjoy!


Please note: All items are organic. I am from the People’s Republic of Boulder, after all!

Morning Smoothie

½ avocado

2 fistfuls of dark leafy greens (baby kale, mizuna, Swiss chard, spinach combo)

Several slices of  English cucumber

Handful of blueberries

½ apple

Baby bell pepper—orange, red, or yellow

Handful of sugar snap peas or green beans

Handful of microgreens

Shredded red and green cabbage—a small handful

1 T flax seeds—ground

1T rice bran

1T sunflower lecithin

Several T of chia seeds

1 T of Nutritional Yeast

I add a little bit of water—so there’s ¼ inch in the bottom once all of the veggies are in. Also, add a splash of cold processed apple juice or stevia for a little sweet. BLEND. YUMMM!

Turmeric-Coconut Bedtime Drink: For Better Digestion and Liver Health

Here’s how I keep it on hand for ease of use:

In a small jar combine:

3 Tbsp turmeric

2 tsp black pepper

1 Tbsp powdered ginger

Cover the jar and shake to combine

To use: Mix 1 teaspoon of the powdered mix with 1 cup of milk of your choice (canned coconut is great!)

Can add other spices to make it more chai-like

Great anti-inflammatory


Favorite Lunch or Dinner

Whole or half avocado, peeled and smashed

Add a couple of Tablespoons of tuna in oil, or smoked salmon or canned salmon or canned chicken or any cooked ground meat or cooked egg or mackerel or bits of sausage or good quality bacon or cooked shrimp or good quality, no-sugar-having luncheon meat—good Spanish ham is amazing or pancetta—the list is endless!

Add a few sliced and quartered English cucumber

A handful of scissored cilantro

4 or more quartered cherry tomatoes

Some scissored chives, or green onions or red onions—in small pieces

Can also skip the cuke, tomatoes, and onions and do berries, goat cheese or feta in the avo! Could add a fruit balsamic—just a dash—OMG!

Can add micro greens or torn dark leafy greens or top with sprouts

Can add pumpkin seeds or cheese crumbles but generally doesn’t need

Swirl everything together! Doesn’t need dressing. Avo does the deed!

Eat! So versatile and delish!

Favorite Dinner

Torn dark leafy greens—power combo mentioned above (spinach, kale, etc)

Sliced and quartered cukes and zukes

Cherry tomatoes

Sliced colored bell peppers

Broccoli slaw

Cabbage Red and Green mix

Micro greens (get the most interesting combos—amaranth, kale, etc—they are mild)

Add sprouts

Pumpkins seeds

Add goat cheese crumbles and/or smoked salmon or tuna or sausage or whatever meat you like


Walnut oil, cold processed (for the ALAs—see previous post—can use any high quality oil—try pumpkin seed for rich deliciousness or olive or avocado oil)

1T of brown mustard

1 t heaping of minced garlic

1-2 or more T of apple cider vinegar or other fruit vinegar (I have blueberry, apple, and orange—yummm)

Add 1-2 t of favorite fresh herb—I use thyme or whatever I have on hand—cilantro—parsley

Can add stevia or not—just a little if add it—to taste

Mix and dress salad! Keep in fridge—walnut is pourable right out of fridge.


Greek-style plain yogurt

Add raw chocolate or cacao (not cocoa—this is heavily processed and has few nutrients—cacao has lots and is delicious)

Berries or not

Add blueberry, apple or orange balsamic vinegars—1T—intense fruit flavor no added sugar (don’t use apple cider vinegar here—too tart unless that’s your gig!) Delish!


Nut Truffles

2c hazelnuts, walnuts, or almonds—soak overnight and then let fully dry—takes a day or two—or dehydrate on 90F for faster version—takes a couple of hours—don’t put in oven—most ovens go down to 200F and not lower which will destroy the enzymes/nutrients in the nuts—keep heat around 100F or lower.

Process dry nuts in food processor

Add 2t vanilla or almond extract or black walnut extract or other

2T of tahini—raw, refrigerated kind

1/2t spice—chili is great—Chinese 5 Spice—lavender—cinnamon—nutmeg—you name it

½ c raw cacao

Add everything except cacao in food processer and process until mixture sticks together. Roll into balls and then roll in cacao. Refrig for an hour and then eat! Whoah! Super rich and will fix that chocolate craving! Super good for you too!

Reluctant Health Nut Smoothie

(Anyone who knows my husband knows—his idea of a green vegetable is a green M&M BUT he likes this! Has lots of sugar in the banana but to ease a health resistant person into the fold—works well. The nutritional stuff at the end, he doesn’t even taste! Bonus!)

One banana in blender

¼-1/2 inch of milk of your choice in bottom of blender

1-2T of raw nut butter

1 packet of stevia or dates—several

1-2 t of chia seeds

Handful of blueberries

½ apple

(can add ½ avocado but my husband would freak—green stuff—yikes!)

1 t cacao (raw chocolate) or carob

1T lecithin

1T nutritional yeast

1T flax seed crushed

1T rice bran

Blend and enjoy. YUM!

There is so much more–avocado hummus, homemade lox, quinoa and coconut “oatmeal.”

Enjoy. Always more to come!


Part 2: The Wicked Witch is Dead

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30759767_xlPart 2: The Wicked Witch is Dead

Well–here is the monster list of items to help you feed the Kundalini Beast so that she, yes, SHE keeps her vortex strong within you—so that you can become the Superconductor you were meant to be!

Remember—our bodies are inundated with sugar in the form of cooked carbs, alcohol, and actual sugar in any of its forms —cane sugar, date sugar, fruit sugar, fructose, honey, regular sugar, raw sugar, corn syrup, rice syrup, molasses—all of them are SUGAR! High consumption leads to a toxic system, diabetes, weight gain, possibly dementia, inflammation of the system, depression and loads of other health issues. Why I care is that my body wasn’t strong enough to withstand all of the energy work that I do—I would get energetic crashes where my brain chemistry was flattened after a great session and I would have Super PMS! Not actual PMS as I’m passed the “change of life”—Praise the MultiVerse—but it looks like Super PMS anyway! Yikes! The below list enables me to be the Faerie Princess I am instead of the Evil Witch of the East—seriously!

Pendulum or muscle test each item to see what your body needs now and periodically revisit the list as things change! Or use your intuition. It is unlikely you will need everything on the list—so relax and take a breath—it is a long sucker. Enjoy! Adventure awaits!

List of Supplemental Nutrition to Support Kundalini:

Chromium–anti-stress, reduces carb cravings due to depression, Bingo! (Brewers Yeast, garlic)

Brewers Yeast, Alfalfa, Spirulina (contains chromium, manganese, B vitamins)

Alpha Lipoic Acid–ALA–repairs, protects against sugars toxic effects, insulin uptake (flaxseeds, walnuts, sardines, chia, hemp, seafood)

Dark raw greens—key builder of strong cellular protein structures (dandelion, bitters, kale, spinach, mizuna, swiss chard, collards, cress, etc)

Tumeric (advanced glycation inhibition–gylcation is where a sugar molecule cross links with a protein and creates a gelatinous sludge that gives off toxic waste–may be behind dementia and other forms of aging)

Green Tea (advanced glycation inhibition)

Stevia–acceptable sweetner

Superoxide Dismutase–prevents glycation of blood (parsley, alfalfa, cabbage, garlic, mustard greens, figs, etc)

Zinc–key to hormonal system, immune system (Brewers Yeast, kelp)

Also, cells are inflammed due to years of stress and antigenic load/toxins–overproduction of coritsol, insulin, pro-inflammatories–leads to weight gain. Need to decrease/rid cells of inflammation—thought to lead to insulin resistance. Reduce this by raw diet.

Anti-Inflammatories: Ginger, Echinacea, CoQ10

Succinic acid (blueberries, beans, etc)

Foods high in ORACs (oxidative reapsorption capacity)—they eat up free radicals–blueberries, other berries, kiwi fruit, brewers yeast, grapeseed extract—from book—grape seed extract inhibits cancer growth—160 mg for 10 days then cut down to 50-60 mg/day after this), COQ10

Apple cider vinegar–one that isn’t pasteurized–there is a “mother” scoby like with kombucha–has stuff floating around in it. It keeps the body alkaline and helps balance blood sugar. (Braggs is a good one, organic and unpasteurized.) Can take in raw apple juice or good quality apple juice—like Big B’s Apple Juice–as is a bit tart/harsh on its own—unless you love tart. I take it with Big B’s and lemon juice–do if I’ve eaten something sugary especially.

onion, garlic, oats, barley, olive oil, celery, spinach, broccoli, blueberries, burdock root, nettles, horseradish, mugwart, dandelion—all are good blood sugar stabilizers

NaDH–acitvated niacin–Vitamin B3–Body’s most powerful antioxidant–only compound to activate nucleus of DNA to repair DNA damage–anti-depression, enhances mood, etc.)

Resveratol–from grape skins–anti-cancer, anti-mutagen, anti-fungal, anti-viral, neuro-protective, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant (all the berries, plums)

Acai Berry–super berry–highest oxygen radical absorbance capacity–has omega 3, 6, 9, Vit B1-B3, vit E & C, phosphorus, calcium, potassium–slow acting and very strong (free radicals are caused by toxic environment in body—free radicals cause oxidative damage in body)

Pycnogenol–most efficient natural free radical scavenger known–5 X stronger than Vit C. Most potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-mutagen discovered. Protects brain cells, collagen, elastin, prevents inflammation, increases circulation, balances stress hormones (Grape seed extract, pine bark extract–grape seed extract more active and effective)

Cinnamon extract–receptor recovery-

Succinic acid–restores balance of cells, protects from radiation, infections, toxins (amber resin, blueberries, cherries, strawberries, beans, broccoli, tomatoes)

CoQ10–protects cell membranes and mitochondria from oxidative damage (mackerel, organ meats, beef, sardines, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, peanuts)

Heavy metal removers–Green tea, nettle, gingko, cilantro, sulphur foods (cabbage, garlic, onion), watermelon juice, vit C, chlorella, hawthorn berry, grapeseed extract, Vit Bs and E.

Silicon–supports overall body protein structure from cell wall on. A keystone supplement. (horsetail, bamboo, oats, millet, barley, green beans—can get bamboo tea and horsetail tea)

Betonite clay–normalizes stomach acids, probiotic, lots of minerals so remineralization of the body—sugar can leach minerals out of the body

Chelation foods to rid yourself of heavy metals–nettles, gingko, Vit C, chlorella, ALAs, cilantro, Hawthorne berry, cayenne, CoQ10, garlic, grapeseed extract

Dr. Schulze ( “Protect”–herbs for protecting brain, heart, and liver—this one just appeared for me in one of those so-called coincidences—I muscle tested for it and yes, need it! So trust what simply jumps into your lap—in fact, ask for direction to the ever-listening MultiVerse!

Dr. Schulze Super Food 100 capsules–All the B vitamins–200% RDA as well as other stuff, Vit C, A, etc.

Receptor recovery due to free radical damage (gingko, ALAs, cinnamon extract, chromium picolate, blueberries, spinach, strawberries, black cohosh, chaste berry)

The following help the mitochondria recover from damage—mitochondira are the main engines of your cells–succinic acid, CoQ10, magnesium Vit B1-3, Vit A, C, E, K, Folic Acid all help the mitochondria

The author’s succinct list is:

Wild Fish oil daily (I’m taking)

Non-GMO lecithin (I’m taking in sunflower form as I don’t like soy)

Nutrional Yeast (Brewers) (I”m taking)

No sugar (cut out except for stevia which is an acceptable sweetner)

No cooked carbs (or very little, if you must—they all turn to sugar—bread, pasta, granola, grains, cake , cookies, rice, etc)

Raw dark greens (3 times a day—I probably do twice daily—I don’t tend to eat 3X a day)

Silicon — Biosil (I take a version of this—from horsetail herb and bamboo)

Raw carbs (3 times a day, 2X for me)

B Vitamin Complex (in Brewer’s yeast and salads—I take)

 Anti depression nutrition:

Chromium picolinate (Brewers Yeast)

NaDH–activated niacin–B3 (yeast, rice bran, liver, fish, chili powder)

Dark greens–build and strenghten protein structures

Zinc–key to hormonal system and immune system (Brewers Yeast, kelp)

Vit C and E–good for brain (aqai berries super high in Vit C and E, camu  camu, rose hips, moringa–all high Vit C)

Resveratrol–neuroprotective among a zillion other things–all the berries, red grapes

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALAs–Flaxseed, chia, hemp, seafood, walnuts, sardines–I bought walnut oil and use it in my homemade salad dressing)

Pycnogenol–balances stress hormones among a zillion other things–(grape seed extract–160 mg for 10 days then cut down to 50-60 mg/day from the Biology of Kundalini book)

Also, cells are inflammed due to years of stress and antigenic load/toxins–overproduction of coritsol, insulin, pro-inflammatories–leads to weight gain.

Need to decrease/rid cells of inflammation–inflammation leads to insulin resistance. Reduce this by raw diet.

Anti-Inflammatories: Ginger, Echinacea, CoQ10, Succinic acid (blueberries, beans, etc)

Foods high in ORACs (oxidative reapsorption capacity)–blueberries, other berries, kiwi fruit, brewers yeast, grapeseed extract, COQ10)

Overall conclusion: If I had to just pick one thing—I would go with grapeseed extract, 2 things I would add berries, blueberries, 3-4—ginger and garlic in everything. Or maybe Brewers Yeast. These things cover a lot of ground!


Part 1: Feeding the Kundalini Beast

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Product 1 Avebury TreesPart 1—Feeding The Big K—The Kundalini Beast

In the beginning of the year, I felt called to read a book—The Biology of Kundalini by Jana Dixon. A number of my clients were having kundalini issues so I thought I might gain some insights—for them—altruistic soul that I am. Well, I was to discover something pivotal for me too but I didn’t realize it!

To summarize—Kundalini’s job is to make humans superconducting vehicles for the Divine. Yes, read that again—super cool, hummmm? We are meant to be superconductors! Visions of a cape, a giant S on our chests, etc. I can see it, can’t you? You always suspected!

Well, the following information changed MY life—radically—so I was mega motivated to send it on to you, dear reader! (For those of you who just want to get down to the nitty gritty—go to Part 2 of my blog—but you are missing a great story!)

The bottomline for me—I changed my diet to be mostly raw with some cooked protein and sushi, of course! Love me some raw fish! I also eat yogurt, nut butters, various meats, eggs, beans, and cheese but in small amounts. I also eat raw chocolate in small amounts and use Stevia—which according to the author of said book above—is an acceptable sweetener. My body loves raw chocolate—much better than regular. I just have tiny bites—that’s all it takes! (For clarity—by tiny, I mean eating 1/3 of an inch in diameter chocolate ball! Tiny! It is super rich so doesn’t take much!)

I just experiment with what feels the best here—the cooked proteins are heavy so I usually surround them in a salad or a smashed avocado!

I cut out cooked carbs and sugar too!!!!

So to recap—raw smoothie in morning, some cooked protein for lunch in an avocado—if I have lunch, 8-10 ingredient salad for dinner often with small amount of cooked protein—a handful. Desserts consist of nuts, nut butters, nut butter and yogurt and blueberries or other berries, or yogurt and fruit balsamic vinegars—yummm—or apple/nut butter/raisins/nuts on horizontal apple slices. Nut butters without sugar! Add raw chocolate to any of this. Bliss! (Part 3 will have the recipes for these!)

Well—the difference in diet is staggering. My husband will attest! I am joyful, happy, and laughing all of the time—NOW. No crashing, no hiding, no burnt nerves! No anger, way less snarkiness, impatience, and an overall decline in general bitchiness! Whoah, right?

Trent, the long suffering husband, speaks:
“When Reina chose to change her eating habits; I really didn’t expect to see any changes.  Over
time I realized that her mood fluctuations weren’t happening – she was in a joyful place nearly
all of the time – and when momma’s happy … everybody’s happy.”

What was happening for me is this—I was eating a healthy version of the Standard American Diet (SAD)—I ate good salads regularly but also cooked carbs, meat, sugar, chocolate, etc. I do a lot of energy work as many of you know—typically, I ride a wave of light up and it is high energy. Wonderful!

Then I go into the trough of the wave and I crash—the bigger the wave, the bigger the crash. The crash would shatter my brain chemistry—my dopamine, serotonin, etc—I would feel depleted, super grouchy, angry, and my nerve endings would feel burnt on the ends—my brain would feel fried—just like electrical circuits that have had a surge of electricity. I would feel like a raw nerve and would need to hide for a few days to recover. This has been going on for my entire energetic career. I just thought this was how it is for an energy worker. (Just imagine Super PMS and you’ve got.)

Eating mostly raw with no cooked carbs and no sugar has changed my life! For me—it is all about the dark leafy greens—kale, swiss chard, mizuna, and spinach. I buy them as babies in what is called a power greens combo. I make a smoothy from them every morning. I’ll give the recipe in Part 3 of this series!

Here’s the story of what is going on for me and for many of you:

Kundalini must break us down–physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual armor–and then rebuild us. This takes 3 years or so once the kundalini is fully activated. It is ongoing while kundalini is working you and you aren’t fully activated. It is burning through your circuitry to open it up so that you can become enlightened—so you definitely want to work with this energy!!!! Unless enlightenment isn’t your gig, of course! BTW—it isn’t really an ego decision—Soul is in charge. If it is The Plan, it is happening! Roll with it—you’ve got no choice!

The breaking down/burning-through-the-channels process that kundalini initiates creates a lot of free radicals, oxidative damage, and toxic waste as it rips through the body. This adds to the already compromised system—as most us don’t eat raw, actual food from nature. (Our bodies are designed to eat things from nature—basically if it doesn’t grow on a tree, bush, or plant; or is part of these; or if doesn’t have wings, hooves, fins or fur, then we weren’t designed to eat it. We are working with millions of years here. When fire came on the scene was much more recent. Also, from my observations with food—we are eating the energy of the food as much or more than the chemistry of the food—AND THAT has wide reaching ramifications! It brings our broken, inhumane food system into sharp relief. Do we really want to eat the adrenaline and terror the animal experienced at its death? I’m not saying don’t eat meat, but how it’s processed counts—Kosher generally assures better practices and local farmed-raised and slaughtered meat has the chance of being more humane. There are lots of books on this subject—I digress.)

Raw food has light—cooked food doesn’t. Cooked food has nutrients but no light—raw has both—raw is generally much easier to digest in a healthy digestive tract—some of you may not have a healthy digestive tract, so experiment and start small and see how it makes you feel.

Raw food gives you more energy, cooked food drains energy—that is why you get sleepy after a big meal—the majority of your energy is going to digestion—estimates are in the neighborhood of 80% of your energy goes to digestion! Yikes!

You don’t have to believe me. Try this test—the next time you eat a big, cooked meal, listen to how hard your heart is working when you go to sleep—you will notice it is beating hard and your heart rate is elevated. You may feel agitated or anxious too. Why? It takes a lot of blood to digest dead food. Then try eating a big salad—all raw the next night and, a raw snack if you must, before bed. Again, listen to your heart when you go to sleep. It will be beating normally—in fact, you may not even notice it because it isn’t working nearly so hard. You will feel calm.

Most of us have years of eating cooked carbs, alcohol, sugar-infused, nonfood items (ketchup, crackers, salad dressings, cold cuts, sausages not to mentions sweets—cookies, cakes, pies, candy bars, pop, etc) and as a result—our systems are toxic. Add to this lots of stress in the form of coritsol and you have a sick system already with lots of inflammation. Kundalini—in the beginning—simply adds to this. Then we have a system in crisis.

The solution is get super nutrition to build strong protein at the cell level through fresh greens and veggies. Go easy on the fruit as it is sugar also—normally fruit would be okay but our systems are overrun by sugar already–go easy on beets and carrots too as they are sugary.

Dark leafy greens are the keystone for building strong protein structures along with supplemental silicon–which improves wrinkles, skin, hair and nails so some welcome side benefits!

The saga continues in Part 2—the down and dirty!