The following recordings teach you basic energy techniques through guided visualization. Energy follows airy woman in a historic dress standing in rays of sunlight amidthought—so really throw yourself into these journeys. The more you use your emotions, the more you will manifest for yourself.

As you listen to each recording, Team Crystal will assist you. Team Crystal is a consortium of Celestial Beings who will help each of you on your journey of manifesting your Soul Purpose. Give them permission to guide you each time you do an exercise. They combine with your guides to provide you with whatever is in your highest and best good—ALWAYS. While you work with them, you are completely protected and safe.

Please begin any exercise listed below by using the Soul Template and Grounding exercise as all other exercises build off of this technique. During your journeys, you will receive various gifts. To receive these energies fully, after the exercise, please draw what each gift looks like or write a detailed description. This will help ground the energies into you. Thank you and enjoy your journeying!

Click on the name of the guided visualization recording below to purchase:

  • Soul Template and Grounding: $13.00    
    This recording teaches you a basic grounding technique that is required in all of the other visualizations. It is a unique grounding experience connecting you with planetary love and wisdom. It also connects you with your specific Soul Purpose Template. Please do not use other grounding techniques while working with these exercises.
  • Ancestor Lineage: $13.00  
    This visualization connects you with your Ancestral Elders—so that you may have them as guides and may receive their wise counsel. Many lineages may be present for you. You may ask your Counsel of Elders to be your teachers and to guide you on your spiritual journey for your highest and best good. During this journey, you receive an initiation into your Ancestral Lineage(s).
  • Ancient Wisdom: $13.00
    This visualization connects you with ancient knowledge that you have forgotten or buried—that is lying dormant in your DNA. You are guided to retrieve this wisdom. You also receive an Animal Guardian and Protector.
  • Brain Harmonization: $13.00
    This amazing recorded visualization guides you through harmonizing the various parts of your brain to help you achieve clear thought and focus as well as to help you integrate your ancestral lineages and your DNA.
  • Clearing Spaces: $13.00
    This recording teaches you how to clear your home, office or personal space of disharmonious energies, keeping your space clear, uplifting, and supportive. Two clearing techniques are introduced with suggestions for when to use each.
  • Creative Self: $13.00
    This unique visualization is designed to help you maximize your creativity by re-integrating creative aspects of yourself you may have abandoned as a child or young adult or elsewhere.
  • Crystal Journey: $13.00
    This visualization reconnects you with your Creative Tribe—Souls who share knowledge and expertise in the same creative endeavors that you are exploring or are searching for. Your Creative Tribe can help you maximize your journey as a creative explorer.
  • Healing Relationships: $13.00
    This experience provides you with an opportunity to call in wounded relationships and make amends, provide and receive forgiveness, and disentangle energetic knots in a safe and non-confrontational environment. You can use this visualization for relationships that are current or in the past.
  • Heart Expansion: $13.00
    This visualization allows you to clean out your heart of any extraneous energy so that it may be clear and love filled. It also provides you with some insight as to what unique aspects of heart you embody.
  • Priestess Remembering: $13.00
    This visualization is designed to connect you more deeply with your Divine Feminine whether you are female or male.  You are re-initiated back into an Ancient Sisterhood from your past, more deeply connecting with Nature Spirits, the Elementals and the Earth herself.  You are then Baptized by the Mother in her Healing Waters.
  • Crystal Grid Kit: $50. medium stones or $60. larger stones/kit
    This kit has 4 gem-quality citrines, instructions, mounting tabs, and a carrying pouch to help you “grid” your house, bedroom, or office. This kit helps you create a geometric light field that aids in maintaining an energetically clear space. Citrines do not need clearing, as they do not accumulate negative energies, naturally transmuting them. Citrine is a balancing stone, balancing male/female energies, aligning energy centers, activating creativity and intelligent decisiveness. Citrine also supports the physical body and endurance. It helps dissipate fear, promoting radiance of the true self and brightening the darkest corner of one’s perceived reality. It is an ideal stone for strengthening cohesiveness among groups such as families and businesses.