35938487_xlSome good news. I had the session with you and your guides over a month ago to help “fix” some of my DNA encoding. My concern was that I have Hosimoto’s  disease  — an autoimmune response to the thyroid.  My two sisters have this condition. I’m glad to report given the blood work tests that I saw today with my medical practitioner, I don’t. Thought you’d like to know. Hugs to you both. JD

I am doing great!  Felt rather “tipsy” for about 24 hours after our session and could not hit a handball to save my life over the weekend, but I played today and hit that little ball the best I ever have!
Thanks again for a wonderful experience  Dr. S

Hello Reina! What a God send you are! I feel empowered, confident in my well being fully manifesting and relieved on many, many energetic levels. So much of the irritation I’d been running is gone! I am deeply grateful . . . Bless you dear one! DS

My dreams were benign for the first time in a long time. . .Had good energy and a clear head today.  The clear head is not something usual for me lately so that’s a huge plus.  Have so many questions.  I can see I will need some time to take this all in.   I have such a different view of my father now.  It’s a complete relief to have had my questions about him answered.  I’m still in awe of how I felt when he first came into the session yesterday.   I kind of feel as though I fell into a huge chasm with all this and will need some time to sort myself out again.  I’m not the same person I was before the session.  And that’s not bad. LM

I am grateful to report that I have increased flexibility and less discomfort in my legs/lower body.  It feels more normal.  The trauma has lessened , not increased. …..thankfully! TA

Nice that Reina is doing so well. She is a remarkable person that changed my view on the universe. I am happy that I met her on a moment in my life that I was ready and open to receive this gift. AMvD

I feel very different: noticing things I’ve never noticed before, less reactive emotionally, colors are brighter and clearer, food even tastes           different! I’m sleeping about 7 hours a night and I’m gone!  Not remembering dreams lately though. I’m forever grateful to you and Reina      (and to D. who referred me).  Thank you.

Reina, you are so great and amazing at readings.  What you saw, me in gold and with a golden halo, was spot on.  A lot of healing and integrating took place and still is. . . .The world needs you and I need you.  You are such a gift to have in my life.  I might not be here if it wasn’t for you.  There’s no one else close to me that I can talk to about such personal and spiritual things. You and Trent give me hope and inspiration….. KH

I feel “different.”  It’s difficult to describe how.  It’s good though.  After sitting here with my eyes closed for a while trying to figure this out, I guess I feel more solid in my body.  I feel like I actually belong here taking up space on the planet (for the first time ever).   I’m enjoying being me more than I ever have, or I’m much more OK with being me than I ever have been.  That night after the session I was soaking in the tub and my doubting voice was screeching at me about “ascended masters coming to see . . . YOU?????”  And, “who are you kidding — spirits working on YOU??????”  And “what were you doing screaming like that in someone else’s house?????”  But I could not easily dismiss the vivid pictures I had.  It was too real.  And the next morning the doubting voice was a little teeny, tiny thing and was replaced with this very comfortable feeling of being more at home in my body than I’ve ever been.  Powerful, powerful stuff. LM

I have been telling mom everything about my reading with you. G. is so happy for this transformation you guided me through. Last night as I was speaking to my Mom, we released even more and I had the pleasure to bring more light to my mother’s past issue I was very intertwined with. I had the great pleasure to feel my grandfather’s presence as we were speaking over skype. I want to thank you again and am very excited to here (sic) back from the next sessions that will happen. AvG

You two as a combo are the most powerful work I’ve ever participated in.  The way I’m pushed beyond my comfort levels is terrifying and wonderful.  It’s all soo good! LM

The wisdom and insights, even humor, that Reina channels brings forth such a joy and peace of mind! Listening to the words flow through her, I was plugged in to Truth that deeply resonated in my soul. I felt waves of compassion and love and connection to the Universe. I am most grateful for this divine communication, and I look forward to much learning through her gift. RM

Thanks for the Soul Body Fusion plus yesterday it was very good my body heated up so much. Thanks for the grounding technique and the use of your team crystal I have just used it will be using it again these coming 10 days and beyond. The first time I did a SBF with someone else 2 and half years ago, I felt that it was incomplete maybe because I wasn’t quite ready for it. It was like there was something trying to lift from me but wasn’t going to go. A sense of some darkness trying to lift out of my body but couldn’t. But yesterday I felt it so much more. I am so glad I thought to do it again and found you to do it so thank you. I will recommend you if anyone wants the same service. Much love. AD

Reina, I thank you soooooo, soooo much for your powerful reading last night!  That was so much more than I could’ve hoped to receive.  All the information about the kitchen was great confirmation, and then R’s messages were just priceless…..words aren’t enough to say how much I appreciate you sharing your amazing gifts with me and for hearing what R had to tell me.  I’m getting emotional right now just thinking about it all.  Last night was such a gift.  Thank you! KH

What a wonderful afternoon with you and Trent, thank you so so much. I feel so full of love and closer to the angels, and just an overall sense of joy and fulfillment. You have incredible talent and I cannot wait to see you and Trent make it big- so many people will come see you, I just know it. AS

Thank you for the gifts that you and Reina share with the world, and thank you for the session yesterday.  I feel fine and am taking it very easy today.  When looking in the mirror this morning, tears came with the words,”I’m home.” Love to you both. SS

Reina has saved me, protected me, put me under her wing and led me towards my highest and best good. Thank you Reina I am forever thankful. MB

Wanted to let you and Trent know that since my time with you – my neck and shoulders have not hurt….all the tense energy has been released.   I have felt the stress of my mother’s passing yet it is not in that area – that’s amazing.   So I am processing the transition of my mom – through crying and just being in the moment – not easier just less pain full. With the weather changes we have been experiencing –I have small headaches in the front of my head – yet they pass – this is so amazing.  Before my time with you I would wake up with a headache and go to bed with one.   So this is another great positive change since my healing with both of you. Doing the neck exercise Trent told me to do on my neck area while lying in bed – I fall asleep so much faster and stay asleep.   Again thank you sooooo much. I am in deep gratitude for this healing and look forward to the next 6 months of continued positive changes. I have printed out the transmission and will find time today to read and digest it into my core.  Ease and Grace in everything we do….EA